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If you’re running a DD-WRT router, by using DNSMasq the DNS change will work for all devices that connect to your router, including mobile devices. In the Additional DNSMasq Options box type in your local DNS configurations (one entry per line): address By default, DD-WRT uses your ISP's DNS servers. For privacy reasons, we'll instead configure DD-WRT to explicitly use PIA's DNS servers (which technically belong to a company called Level 3); these DNS servers are something of an IT legend in their own Step 2: Change the DNS (or Domain Name System) on the given DD-WRT router. Why should you change the DNS servers on your DD-WRT router.


IPv6 is enabled with As for DNS, do you mean custom DDNS or local DNS server? Jan 6, 2008 I use a Linksys WRT-54GS with the excellent DD-WRT firmware.

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All of these settings are given with the assumption that you have a fresh install of DD-WRT with the default options. I have dd-wrt router configured with Pi-hole ( but I have assigned with Google DNS server by the ISP, is there any way to remove it? DD-WRT is Linux based firmware with advanced functionality for routers. What appealed to me about DD-WRT was the possibility of complementing my Fritz  If DNSMasq on the DD-WRT router is your primary service, set the Local DNS to match the Local IP address. Setup Local/Internal DNS with a DD-WRT Router. I’ve talked about some features of the DD-WRT router before, and one of the things I’ve been playing around with lately is DNSMasq.

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The "local DNS" option does nothing if you're using DNSMasq, which is most, if not all people. The problem is that the "Local DNS" option is in the DNSMasq frame, but its really an option for uDHCPd, NOT DNSMasq. The suggestion from the post: When using the VPN connection and checking for DNS leaks, it now does not show my ISP as long as I have a secondary DNS in my DD-WRT router. I have used as my secondary DNS but am not sure if this is appropriate as it has it for TPC connections.

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2) Once it is hooked and DD-WRT wants to restart dnsmasq the script is executed instead, and adds some lines to the generated /etc/hosts afterwards it executes the real dnsmasq. Finally it reinstalls the wrapper. Plus DNSMasq can be found in two different areas within DD-WRT since it can be used for both DHCP assignmentsas well as internal/local DNS management. What I will be focusing on is the local DNS aspect. When is using DNSMasq useful for controlling DNS? Here are some examples as to why you may want to use it: 26/3/2013 · Enable DNS and DHCP Open a browser and point it to your router running DD-WRT. Authenticate with the admin ID and password when needed. Go to the “Setup > Basic Setup” tab.

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DD-WRT is an open-source firmware update that helps unlock your routers true potential. You will need to replace the software Default user info for DD-WRT is root/admin.